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KASB Corporation Ltd.

KASB Corporation Ltd. was incorporated in Pakistan on April 11, 1996 as a public Ltd. company and received certificate commencement of business on January 27, 1997 and is listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange Ltd. since 1997.
Being the leading group of companies, KASB Corporation has vast experience in managing the portfolio Investments, financial sectors, financial and non- financial services, Shariah compliant investments, project financing, investments in dairy farming , trading of rice, wheat and other commodities.

Our Mission

To be a leading organization in major business sectors, governed by shareholder returns and to manage the business in line with highest ethical standards.

Our Commitment

We will maintain financial discipline and adhere to professional and moral codes. Satisfaction of our customers and other stake holders shall remain prime objective of the company. In the operation of the company, we will comply with all the rules and regulations set down by the supervisory authorities.

KASB in Financial Sectors

The group has significant investment exposure in corporate entities like Commercial Bank, Asset Management Company and Modarabas.

KASB in Financial and Non -Financial Services

The group has maintained a milestone image in operating the largest Brokerage House in Pakistan and also running business of IT Equipment procurements for its customers.

KASB in Dairy Projects

The sponsors of the group have their distinct investment in Dairy Farming. The project is on expansion phase whereby range of dairy products shall be enhanced in furtherance. The investment in Bio Gas Plant is also under consideration.

KASB in Rice & Wheat Trading

The sponsors of the group have leading affiliates in Rice & Wheat distribution sectors based in Pakistan. Strong relationship with the farmers and whole chain of supply supports the economic activity which leads us to become one of the grand suppliers of rice and wheat not in Pakistan but in the global market as well.